NQ Clarifier Medical Grade HEPA  UV Air Purifier

NQ Clarifier Medical Grade HEPA UV...

The NQ Clarifier air purifier is in a class by itself. With its fivestage, hospitalgrade filtration process, it absorbs a wider spectrum of allergens, gases, viruses, and bacteria than any other air purifier we offer. NQ Clarifier air purifiers include...

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NQ Clarifier Replacement Carbon Ring 40851 NQPC

NQ Clarifier Replacement Carbon Ring...

Carbon filters present in air purifiers remove the larger particles from the air and also eliminate unpleasant odors. In fact, it can absorb all types of gases and molecules including organic and inorganic compounds, chlorinated hydrocarbons and odors...

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NQ Clarifier Replacement Certified HEPA Filter 40850 NQH

NQ Clarifier Replacement Certified HEPA...

Replacement HEPA filter (99.97% at 0.3 microns) with 80 square feet of media.

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NQ Clarifier Standard Air Purifier

NQ Clarifier Standard Air Purifier

Did you know that an average American spends over 75% of their time indoors when they are home, and the levels of air pollution can be over five times higher than levels outside? Tobacco, smoke, mould spores and other dust particles could be attributed...

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