Castex Portapack Vacuum Cleaner Bags10 Pack

Castex Portapack Vacuum Cleaner Bags10...

These are 10 generic Castex back pack vacuum cleaner bags for the Portapack back pack model 900005. The cardboard collar measures 6.75 X 6.25. Bags made by Envirocare Technologies. Fits Castex part number 900005.

from GoVacuum
Genuine Castex Envirofilter Lite Trak  Viper Vacuum Cleaner Bags 10 Pk

Genuine Castex Envirofilter Lite Trak...

Genuine Castex Envirofilter vacuum cleaner bags for the Viper and Lite trak models. 10 Bags per package. Castex part number 900000.

from GoVacuum

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